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Centres & Centre Holders

These are 25mm gold coloured two-tone metal centres. The AC1 centres are flat and the AC11 centres are
slightly raised to give a 3D effect. Centres are used in medals - click here for our 'Medals' page - or they are
used with a centre holder on glass & wooden shields & plaques - click here for our 'Shields & Plaques' page


AC1-186 AC1-187 AC1-188 AC1-108
AC1-91 AC1-34 AC1-10 AC1-129
AC1-79 AC1-86 AC1-83 AC1-112
AC1-71 AC1-59 AC1-183 AC1-01
AC1-150 AC1-151 AC1-167 AC1-47
AC1-82 AC1-27 AC1-28 AC1-35
AC1-15 AC1-36 AC1-33 AC1-74
  AC11-67 AC11-68 AC11-69
AC11-82 AC11-25 AC11-61 AC11-81
AC11-17 AC11-23 AC11-13 AC11-08
AC11-66 AC11-12 AC11-03 AC11-70